How To Get The Best Red Sox Tickets This Season

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There is no question about it that Red Sox fans are not only the best in the world but the most dedicated as well. We offer some of the best seating options available that give you the best views in the stadium. We all know that Fenway Park is something special. It has been a classic since opening in 1912 and is a favorite destination for Red Sox home games.

Home Stadium Seating

Fenway Park is one of the oldest stadiums in the country and remains a classic. It is best known for the green monster, a 37-foot wall that extends from center field to left field. In addition, it still operates one of the only hand-operated boards on the left field wall. You will see a series of red and green lights that are used to signal balls, outs, and strikes. During 2003, the Monster got the luxury of adding 280 more seats.

The stadium has seen a number of renovations over the years. In fact, the first came in 1912 when the Sox played the World Series and more seating was added. It should be noted that they did win that over the New York Giants. Regardless of the seat that you purchase, you are always going to have a great view of the game. You can be sure you will have a great time at Fenway Park.

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Boston Red Sox Tickets
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